Professional Products
We carry a wide range of personal protective equipment and environmental safety equipment that are used in practically every kind of industry.

Our product also complies with international and/or local regulations and standards.

Fall Arrest & Rescue Equipment > Connectors
CAMP 2017 Snap Hook
CAMP 1158.01 - 03
CAMP 981 Screw Lock Carabiner
CAMP 982 Twist Lock Carabiner
CAMP 1131.03 HMS Twist Lock Carabiner
CAMP 1135 Aluminium Screw Lock Carabiner
CAMP 934 Oval Quick Link, 8mm Dia.
CAMP 935 Oval Quick Link, 10mm Dia.
CAMP 961 Delta Quick Link, 10mm Dia.
CAMP 1040.65 / 120 Express Ring
CAMP 2032 Anchor Webbings
250 Daisy Chain DYNEEMA
PROTEKT AZ 420 Wire Rope Sling
PROTEKT AZ 700 Wire Rope Sling